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Chimney Repair For The Olean, NY & Bradford, PA Areas

It makes good sense and cents to have flues and venting systems attended to in the spring of the year. Some considerations:

• Your chimney should be swept before moisture mixing with soot and creosote form sulfuric and hydrochloric acids that eat into the chimney structure. Chlorine from household cleaning compounds may be in combustion air rising up the chimney. Sulfur is in soot deposits from a coal fire.

• Damp creosote in the flue has a sour, sickly smell. Warm weather, rain, high-humidity tend to increase the strength of the odor. It’s always there in your chimney, but you don’t usually notice it during the heating season. In winter, the draft helps carry the smell away and the flue also stays drier. But in summer, downdrafts (flow reversals of the air in the flue) can send the odor into the house. Cleaning out the creosote or soot may help eliminate this smell.

(Reprinted with permission, from the March 2011 issue of The Chimney Sweep News.)

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Our qualified chimney repair technicians can check your fireplace

Attention – Take Note!!

Manufacturers of all gas hearth appliances recommend an annual maintenance check by a qualified technician. This means all direct vent, all B-vent, and especially all vent-free appliances.

This service will not only save you money by extending the life of your appliance and allowing it to operate more efficiently, but it also ensures the appliance operates according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

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